Chart Reading Techniques

How to find a “profitable zone” for entry

There are zones that are easy to make a profit and difficult to make a profit. The difficult zone is where it’s difficult to get lots of pips and easy to get caught by the stop loss. The easy zone is where you are able to get lots of pips and less change of being caught by the stop loss. In this video I am explaining how you can identify the difference along with some realistic scenarios so that your trade can be more stable and profitable.

Mental Techniques

How to become a constant winning trader – Two traps by freedom of choice

It’s rather negative when you have too much information. There’s no 100% winning strategy in forex but what to learn and how to learn are the key points.Basically, if you know the characteristic of the price action and are able to read chart based on it, you can win trade without depending on the indicators. In this video I am explaining the necessary information to “WIN” trade from different aspects based on the basic structure or elements of forex chart. As long as you do risk management, forex is not scary. Rather the skill to be able to win trade make you expand your possibility to your future. Whether you…