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Moving Average Lectures in December 2019 on Youtube

  Syllabus of Moving Average Lectures in December 2019 (8 videos) Part 1 December 2 (Mon) Kinds, traits, and weak points Part 2 December 5 (Thu) Basic trading strategies – Cross and Perfect Order Part 3 December 9 (Mon) Basic Multiple Timeframe Strategy Part 4 December 12 (Thu) How to visually spot the trading edge Part 5 December 16 (Mon) Profit Extension Strategy 1 Part 6 December 19 (Thu) Profit Extension Strategy 2 Part 7 December 23 (Mon) Profit Extension Strategy 3 Part 8 December 26 (Thu) Strategy in Moving Average Triangle Moving Average Part 1: Kinds, Traits, and Weak Points  

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Price Action Lectures in November 2019 on Youtube

  Syllabus of Price Action Lectures in November 2019 (8 videos) Part 1 November 4 (Mon) Introduction, Thrust up/down Runway up/down Part 2 November 7 (Thu) Spike high, Spike low, Inside bar, Outside bar Part 3 November 11 (Mon) Pin bar strategy in Multiple Timeframe Part 4 November 14 (Thu) Doji candle trading strategy Part 5 November 18 (Mon) Harami engulfing trading strategy Part 6 November 21 (Thu) Trading strategy in wave patterns Part 7 November 25 (Mon) Role reversal trading strategy Part 8 November 28 (Thu) Double Top, Double Bottom Price Action Part 1: Thrust up/down, Runway up/down Price Action Part 2: Pin Bar and Inside/Outside for forex trading…

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How to position trades without buy and sell bias (Live Traded)

This is my analysis on EURGBP because first of all, I see it’s a good chance to buy and I will tell you the reason from my own analysis, but today, I wanted to talk about how to see a chart without any bias so that you can always be flexible whether the price goes up or down, because no one can predict the movement in the future. But good traders always make profit over time because they have plans, and those plans are based on “if” questions, like “if the price goes up, then I will do this” or “If the price goes down, I will do that.” things…

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The Best Forex Books you must read to be a Winning Trader

I will introduce some of the books I highly recommend for your trade improvement as I get requests like from my followers as below, What is your favorite book for forex trading? Which one should I read to improve my trading? So this time, I will introduce my recommended books to be a successful trader, that I think all the traders must read, because these are the books that I read many many times whenever I get into slump or going through tough times. Watch the Video Among dozens of books I’ve read so far, I picked up the ones that I think are necessary to to read when you…