Forex Tester 5 (with coupon code)

If you ever thought about

  1. Backtesting a winning strategy with time efficiency
  2. To practice trades on Saturdays and Sundays
  3. To build confidence in risk management

Then this tool will be a great help for your success in your trading journey. 

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How to purchase Forex Tester 5 with Discount

You can try it for free as Forex Tester offers 30 day money back guarantee.

Please access to below link to purchase the Forex Tester 5 with brand new features.

When purchasing, make sure to check “I have a coupon code” and input below coupon code to get 5% discount on top of the sale price. It also applies to upgrade purchase.

Coupon Code: FT5BYKEI (Get 5% off) 

What is Forex Tester?

You never become a non-losing trader or even a profitable trader no matter how much knowledge you have in terms of markets and indicators because what’s more important is experience. Output is the best way to learn more than input.

Then you need to focus on your overall win rate, risk reward ratio, drawdown etc after backtesting with enough numbers in statistics.

I recommend everyone to backtest a strategy at least 100 times before you practice it in real market, otherwise you can lose your confidence easily as you start to keep losing without knowing how to adjust and refine the strategy in real market.

However, it easily takes a couple of weeks or months to have enough result of 100 trades. With Forex Tester you can not only choose various markets in the past up until previous month but also forward/backward the charts, execute/exit trades, place stop loss and pending orders with multiple timeframe analysis with trading stats as you get from a broker.

What’s more, Forex Tester 5 offers new features such as Interactive Forex Course, new indicators and symbols, new graphic tools, and other features which boost traders for an effective backtesting.

Forex Tester helps me explain my strategies on YouTube

Tips to Download Data, Create a Project, and Setup Backtest

Who can benefit from Forex Tester?

New Traders

Forex Tester has been a great tool for me ever since I was new to trading. It was my colleague who  introduced me to forex trading and I started the  journey with hope. While reading books, watching videos, attending seminars, etc, I came to realize that implementing a strategy takes time, especially when I try to do so in real moving markets where I usually have opportunities 3 to 5 times a day. Then, I did a research and found the Forex Tester. It was eye-opening to be able to test my strategies as if I was watching charts real time and simulate to execute and close trades with built-in statistics.

If you are still new to trading, you need to have more and more opportunities for trading, get used to them, and cultivate confidence. Without Forex Tester I would not have been able to continue the journey.

Full Time Worker (Part Time Trader)

I started my forex trading journey as a part time trader. I used to work days and nights and trading time was limited. Sometimes I get too tired and decided not to even look at charts. And even when I was watching charts, opportunities were not there always. That’s when I run Forex Tester and shadow-trading to prepare for a real opportunities come in the real market.

Traders who are not profitable yet

I think one of the biggest challenges for a trader is the fear of losing. We are here to make profits but if you keep losing, you start to feel frustrated, disappointed, and end up losing confidence. So in a sense, you need to get used to losing trades to have confidence that your system works in a long run. And Forex Tester can be a great help to see trades in bigger span so that you start not to care about few losses by back warding/forwarding charts and verify exact entry/exit timings as well as stop loss strategies.

When purchasing, make sure to check “I have a coupon code” and input below coupon code to get 5% discount on top of the sale price. It also applies to upgrade purchase.

Coupon Code: FT5BYKEI (Get 5% off) 

6 Useful Features for Forex Tester 5

Below are 6 useful and powerful features that I think useful when running Forex Tester 5.

Backward / Forward candlesticks

Easy management of backwarding / forwarding candlesticks.

Multiple Timeframe Analysis

You can run multiple timeframes at the same time in different windows. Timeframes are customizable.

Lines Synchronize among different timeframes

Lines such as support, resistance, trend lines, are in synch in different timeframe windows.


You can put handy notes on a chart. Also you can forward the chart by double clicking it.

Risk Management

Stop loss, position size, and take profit level can be managed when executing trades depending on your strategy.

Trade Statistics

After taking some trades you can view detailed statistics to check areas for an improvement.

When purchasing, make sure to check “I have a coupon code” and input below coupon code to get 5% discount on top of the sale price. It also applies to upgrade purchase.

Coupon Code: FT5BYKEI (Get 5% off) 

New Features for Forex Tester 5

Below are 5 new features that I think useful as compared to Forex Tester 4.

Interactive Forex Course

Forex Tester 5 offers free Forex course. In 32 chapters you will learn the basics of Forex market such as the basics of Forex market, buying/selling pairs, pending orders, pips, leverage, margin, etc with mini quizzes on each chapter. I’ve gone through all the chapters and I would say that iIf you are new to Forex, it’s really worth it.

New Indicators and Symbols

As compared to Forex Tester 4, Forex Tester 5 offers many more indicators and symbols for your analysis. You can also install new indicators and use them for backtesting.

New Graphic Tools

Graphic tools are also renewed on Forex Tester 5. Pop up graphic tool makes analysis much easier than Forex Tester 4.

Jump to / Go to

This is one of the new features that is very powerful. You can jump to past or previous charts easily by putting the date and time.

One Click Trading Tool

Instead of going to order button and input all the information, you can execute trades in one click with customized shortcuts.

Quick Tutorial is also available

There is a quick tutorial that guides you through the basic actions as to how to start backtesting, how to open orders, how to add indicators, how to run EA, how to download historical data, and how to start a new project etc. It takes about 30min to finish.

When purchasing, make sure to check “I have a coupon code” and input below coupon code to get 5% discount on top of the sale price. It also applies to upgrade purchase.

Coupon Code: FT5BYKEI (Get 5% off) 

My Impression on Forex Tester 5

Good Points

1. FT5 has a function to backward the candlesticks, and I found this function to be indispensable. Back in 2012 when I bought few backtesting tools, I thought that backtesting is a practice to read the future market, so it wouldn’t make sense to backward the candles. But now I found this feature is very useful in remembering good trade patterns and improving losing trades.

2. It runs much smoother on Parallels Windows 10 over MacBook as compared to FT4.

3. You can adjust 20 testing speeds. Slower speed setting can run charts as if you are looking at the realtime moving market.

4. You can backtest with tick data with some additional price. If you purchase Forex Tester 5 only, you will only have 1min data but not tick data (below 1min). If you wish to practice by looking at the price action on lower timeframes on M5 or M1, I recommend you to have VIP subscription.

5. Entries and exits are marked on a chart. Also you can jump to the trades by double-clicking the trade history so it enables you to verify past trades with time efficient.

6. You can save different projects depending on your strategies so that you can compare the results easily with other strategies. You can also reopen the existing project and continue to backtest.

Points for Improvement

1. The lines and objects are automatically synchronized throughout different timeframes but you cannot do furthermore, like drawing lines only Daily and Weekly timeframes, place Fibonacci retracement only in M15, etc.

2. Colors of the lines and objects are also automatically synchronized through different timeframes. If we can set objects in different colors in different timeframes, it would be much easier to manage.

3. When there are more than 4 charts, tile horizontal, vertical become grid tile. It would be great if it has “tile grid” option while tile horizontal and vertical works no matter how many charts are there.

My Overall Impression

After few years of experience I would say that Forex Tester is a great tool to nail down my strategy. Without this, it would have been taking much longer to build confidence in my strategy as well as risk and psychological management.

Easy forwarding and backward charts in multiple timeframes at the same time surely save time to get used to see charts in different scales. Not only that, simple management of opening and closing trades with stop loss, take profit as well as detailed report help you to look back the trades and refine your strategies.

Whether you are a part time or full time trader, if you wish to save time to build confidence, Forex Tester is absolutely a great tool.

When purchasing, make sure to check “I have a coupon code” and input below coupon code to get 5% discount on top of the sale price. It also applies to upgrade purchase.

Coupon Code: FT5BYKEI (Get 5% off) 

Which Subscription Type to Choose?

Difference among 3 subscription types

Forex Tester offers 3 different types (Basic, Standard, and Super) of subscription as below.

Main difference among 3 types is in data, such as news or market price data that you can download. In other words there’s no difference in its function, drawing tools, number of indicators etc. Also, newly introduced “AI-based Strategy Optimizer) optimizes the best parameters for automatic trading programs and Standard and Super offer advanced algorithms.

Below are some of the main difference.


1. Only free data is usable

2. Few major pairs, Gold, and Silver only

3. Free M1 data is available but very rough

4. Good with Daily or above timeframes to backtest

5. Only shows Second/Fourth decimal points (usually they are Third/Fifth). For example, EURUSD shows 0.8985 and accuracy drops


1. 860 pairs and markets are available, like VIP Type

2. Paid M1data is available that renews every day

3. Good with H1 or above timeframes to backtest


1. All the paid datas are available

2. Good with M1 or above timeframes to backtest

3. Tick Data (data below M1) is available

4. Variable spread is available just like real market

Type Depends on Your Trading Style

Below is my recommendation depending on your trading style. Please note that in Basic Type you are only able to backtest few pairs as well as Gold and Silver. So if you wish to test other markets, then choose Standard or Super Types.


I highly recommend scalpers to sign up for Super Type where tick data is available to download as well as variable spread information. For those who execute and exit trades based on lower timeframes better choose this type.

Intra-Day Trading

Standard Type could also be a choice as well as Super Type since above H1 charts are very accurate unless you check M1 to M30 candlesticks.

Day Trading

If you use H1 or above timeframes to analyze and take trades, then Standard is a good choice.

Swing Trading

If you only check Daily or above timeframes, Basic Type is a good choice. However, please not that you can only backtest few markets as mentioned previously. Plus it takes more time to be able to download free past data.

When purchasing, make sure to check “I have a coupon code” and input below coupon code to get 5% discount on top of the sale price. It also applies to upgrade purchase.

Coupon Code: FT5BYKEI (Get 5% off) 

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