NY Market

  • USD/JPY has become bearish down to 109.55 once between Asia and EUR time zone, however, it turned to be bullish up to a rate of 110.00 during NY time zone.
  • EUR/USD has been bearish due to negative result of Germany’s economic news. It went below 1.14.
  • Stock market also bearish. Due to the possible assumption of governmental function’s closure, DOW went down after 4 day’s bull trend. NASDAQ  also went down 26 points.
  • Bond market has been the same as yesterday. Long Term interest rate keeps its rate at 2.69%.
  • Gold has been weak bearish. Price of Crude Oil went up.


USD/JPY: 109.65 – 110.05

EUR/USD: 1.1361 – 1.1395

EUR/JPY: 124.81 – 125.44

NY Dow: +21.22 –> 25,390.30 USD

GOLD: -4.80 –> 1,314.40 USD

WTI: +0.35 –> 54.01 USD

US 10y Treasury: +0.0 –> 2.698%


Open Positions (Unredeemed Positions – possible bullish/bearish)

USD/JPY: Open Long positions at 109.950, Open Short positions at 110.100

EUR/USD: Open Long positions at 1.13700, Open Short positions at 1.13550

Open Orders (Unredeemed Orders – possible support/resistance)

USD/JPY: Open Buy orders at 110.200, Open Sell orders at 110.250

EUR/USD: Open Buy orders at 1.13500, Open Sell orders at 1.13900

Today’s pickup events

USD: Fed’s Chair Powell speech

JPY: Leading Economic Index (Dec)

EUR: Industrial Production s.a (MoM Dec)