3 Simple steps to join Kei's Ichimoku Community

Step 1: Click JOIN button on YouTube and subscribe to Ichimoku community

Access to my YouTube channel and click JOIN button to subscribe to my Ichimoku community. It’s $30 per month subscription.

Note: JOIN button is visible on PC only. You cannot see it on mobile or tablet.

My Youtube Channel

*In case you cannot find the JOIN button, please refer to below video.

Watch video

Step 2: Join Discord group

After you subscribed by JOIN button on YouTube, click below link to join Discord and press Accept Invite as you see an example on the right (You cannot see the contents unless you subscribe to the service via YouTube JOIN button).

Join Ichimoku Discord

Step 3: Connect your YouTube account with Discord

After you join Discord, you will be at #welcome-to-the-ichimoku-community channel in Discord. Please follow the instructions to connect your YouTube account to Discord. You won’t see all the perks unless you do this process.

It takes only few minutes

Then, you are in!

Enjoy all the perks and master Ichimoku Kinko Hyo!

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Press below button to see what to do after completing above steps.

Review all the perks in the Kei’s Ichimoku Community.