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Hello Ichimoku Traders! My name is Kei and I am a Japanese forex trader currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

Ever since I started forex trading in 2013, I have been studying and using Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and not only just the techniques but it’s actually been my trading philosophy in my day to day analysis.

And ever after I started my YouTube channel in 2019 I received lots of comments and requests, such as “I would love to hear about Ichimoku from you.” “Could you teach me how to use Ichimoku properly?” etc from trades all around the world.

Then gradually I started to realize the fact that there are many different Ichimoku knowledge and interpretations throughout the world which I never noticed as I only studied it in Japanese.

And that, I decided to deliver the messages of Goichi Hosoda as a Japanese trader who actually studied it from his original books, which has been truly a great honor and my pleasure.

Also, getting to know other Ichimoku trades is such an exciting opportunity for me, and therefore I decided to start up and run the Ichimoku community.

The community is available through YouTube’s join button or from below button.

Please check the details of the community as below.

Summary of Kei’s Ichimoku Community service

Price 2,999 Yen per month (equivalent to $29.9 when USDJPY is 100.00 yen)
Refund Policy You can join at any time, and leave at any time.

You can also re-join at any time. Refund will not be provided by clients matters. For further detail, please check YouTube help.

What you can expect in KIC (Watch a video)

  • You can directly learn the techniques and philosophy of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo via Japanese trader
  • You can learn Ichimoku Kinko Hyo step by step through my original Ichimoku Basic Master book
  • You can get to know other traders who are enthusiastic about Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Special perks for Ichimoku community members!

1. Ichimoku Basic Master book (Worth $70) Free for members

2. Ichimoku Basic Theories book (Worth $60) Free for members

Watch a video for books review

10+ perks and contents in KIC

KIC is a community where you can learn and study the depth of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo through a full time Japanese forex trader.

Below services are always for you to help and support your continuous Ichimoku mastery.

  1. Ichimoku Basic Master Book (Free Download)
  2. Ichimoku Basic Theories Book (Free Download)
  3. Members Only Lives
  4. Discord (closed group)
  5. MT4/MT5 with correct displacement
  6. Ichimoku Q&A sessions
  7. Ichimoku Quizzes
  8. Original Emojis
  9. Original Badges
  10. Ichimoku Zoom Cafe

and there are more perks to come!

Through the community function on YouTube, you can join and leave at any time.

Also you can always re-join the community.

1: Ichimoku Basic Master Book (Free Download)

This is an original book especially written for KIC members.

Through 16 chapters with over 140 pages, the book touches not only the philosophy and original story of how it’s created, but also the essence of all the 5 lines, Kijun sen, Tenkan sen, Senko span A, and B, and Chiko span and how to take trades with these lines while trending and ranging with latest chart examples in 2019 and 2020.

There are members-only livestream reviews done on every single chapter so not only by what’s written, you can also obtain deeper understanding from these archives as well.

2:Ichimoku Basic Theories book (Free Download)

This is another book especially written for KIC members to master Ichimoku three theories, Wave Theory, Time Theory, and Price Theory.
Through 8 chapters with real chart examples, you will learn not only learn the basics of the three theories including
I wave, V wave, N wave, Kihon Suchi and Taito Suchi, Jugi and Kakugi, V,N,E and NT calculations but also you learn the essence of Henka-Bi, P wave and Y wave in the N wave,
and some other advanced Ichimoku Theories such as Revised Price Target, Haihan Chi, Nakane Price Calculation, etc.
Each chapter will be reviewd on members only livestreams.

3: Members Only Livestreams

After you join the community you have an access to members only lives.

It covers market analysis, IBM book review, Q&A sessions, real live trades, forex tester strategy reviews, etc.

4: Discord (A closed community group)

You will have an access to members-only Discord where you can share and exchange your Ichimoku analysis and views, and communicate with other Ichimoku members.

I also post my own analysis on pairs regularly.

5: MT4 / MT5 with correct displacement

As you may know, the displacement of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator on MT4 and MT5 are wrong.

In the community we have the indicators with correct displacement so that you can do the correct Ichimoku analysis.

6: Ichimoku Q&A Sessions

You will also have an access to members only Q&A section where you can write any questions you have about Ichimoku or any other topics related to trading.

These questions will be answered during members only livestreams and everything is saved on the archive.

My answer to every single question is accessible via hyperlinks on Discord.

7: Ichimoku Quiz

There are quizzes based on each chapter of Ichimoku Basic Master book.

They are also accessible via Discord to further establish your knowledge chapter by chapter.

8: Original Emojis (Available in Youtube Lives and Discord)

You can use unique Ichimoku emojis which I also created. Actually I drew them by myself and turned to png format =)

They are available on YouTube public/membership lives as well as on Discord. Feel free to use them and warm up the events!

9: Original Badges (Visible on Youtube Public/Membership Lives)

Once you become a Ichimoku member, you will have a badge besides your name.

Starting from blue badge, every month the color turns to green… red… and finally to gold, so that you can STAY GOLD in your Ichimoku journey!

10: Ichimoku Zoom Cafe (Monthly Event)

This is a monthly meet-up event where Ichimoku members can socialize face to face by Zoom.

2 simple steps to join the Ichimoku community

In order to access all the perks smoothly please follow the below instruction.

Step1: Click JOIN button

Simply, click the JOIN button on YouTube under my channel and enable the membership.

For those who cannot see the JOIN button

There are cases where the JOIN button does not show up due to multiple reasons, such as disabled paid service on your account setting, accessing from a mobile, old version of YouTube app, or YouTube restricted regions etc.

In that case, please refer to below video and resolve the problem. And if it still doesn’t work, please ask YouTube for a support.

↓Video: For those who cannot see a JOIN button

Step2: Access to Discord and connect your YouTube account

Join Discord group

Once you succeed to join the community via YouTube, then access to Ichimoku Discord group from a link below (This is where you can find all the perks and contents).

Click here to join ICHIMOKU DISCORD

Once you click above link, you will see a page as below. Then click “Accept Invite” as below screenshot.

Connect your YouTube account with Discord

Once you join Discord, you will find a channel on the left where it says “Welcome-to-the-ichimoku-community” channel on a left.

Please follow the instruction and connect your YouTube account, then you have all the perks on the left!


Enjoy all the perks!

Below is what you can expect after connecting the YouTube account.

1. Click “#start-here” to read instructions and rules

First, click on #start-here channel and read through all the instructions and rules of the community.

2. Click “#greetings-new-members” to say hi to all the Ichimokers

Everyone is waiting for you! You might see an Ichimoker from the same region.

3. Get the books to touch the depth of Ichimoku

Please download the Ichimoku Basic Master book and Ichimoku Basic Theories book via #get-ichimoku-ebook channel.

4. Get Ichimoku indicators with correct displacement for MT4/MT5

We even have Ichimoku indicator with correct displacement for MT4 and MT5! You can download them on #ichimoku-tools channel.

5. Join the members only livestreams

I will be waiting for you at the the members only livestream. You will see the link to join the membership live under #announcement channel.

6. Educate yourself via videos and livestream archives

Get further understanding from lives and videos on the archive

7. Share your Ichimoku analysis and learn from others

Please feel free to share your Ichimoku analysis to everyone, make comments on others’ posts, and expose yourself =)

8. Keep enjoying the Ichimoku experience

There are more perks and events, such as below.

  1. Ichimoku Zoom cafe (monthly face to face meet up)
  2. Members only weekly analysis and FAQs
  3. Ichimoku quizzes
  4. Request form

and more to come!


Feedback from KIC members

Member’s satisfaction level (in request form)

Summary of Kei’s Ichimoku Community (KIC)

Name of Service KIC : Kei’s Ichimoku Community via Youtube
Price 2,999 Yen / Month (equivalent to $29.9 when USDJPY is 100.00 yen)
  1. Ichimoku Basic Master book (Free Download)
  2. Ichimoku Basic Theories book (Free Download)
  3. Members only livestream
  4. Discord (closed group)
  5. MT4/MT5 indicators with correct displacement
  6. Ichimoku Q&A sessions
  7. Ichimoku Quizzes
  8. Original Emojis
  9. Original Badges
  10. Ichimoku Zoom Cafe

and more to come!

Refund Policy You can join at any time, and leave at any time.

You can also re-join at any time. Refund will not be provided by clients matters. For further detail, please check YouTube help.


Below are some FAQs.

Q1: How to join the Ichimoku community?

Basically you follow 3 steps, click JOIN button on my YouTube channel, join Discord, and connect your YouTube account to the Discord. Then you have all the perks. Please follow the above instruction on this page.

Q2: I am new to forex or stock trading. Am I qualified to join?

A: Yes, you are. As long as you are interested in learning Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, you are welcomed to join the community. Whether you are experienced trader or not really do not matter.

Q3: Where can I see the schedule for future membership lives?

A: You can find the schedule on a top page of my website:

Q4: I cannot see the JOIN button on YouTube.

A. There are multiple reasons as to why you cannot see the JOIN button, such as old version app, mobile access, regional restrictions, etc. Please refer to a video below to resolve the issue. If you cannot still resolve it, then please ask YouTube for a help.

Watch Video: For those who cannot find a JOIN button. 

Access to YouTube Help

Q5: Is it possible to re-join the community after I leave?

A: Yes, you can always come back to the community without losing a badge status. Please check YouTube help for how to unsubscribe.

Contact Form

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    *If you have a file, attach it below.


    1. Your questions or messages may be answered or shared on my videos. Your personal information (name and email address) are not going to be disclosed, but if you are not comfortable, then put that on the message.
    2. It may take few days to reply. If there is no response even after one week, there is a possibility that the message is missing, so please resend it.