Step 1: Read Ichimoku Basic Master book and master 5 lines

The very first step is to master all the basics of Ichimoku, including

– History and Philosophy

– 5 lines (Senko span A and B, Kijun sen, Tenkan sen, and Chiko span)

– Concept of Han-ne Line

– Tenkan sen Kijun sen Cross

– Kumo Twist


Where to download the book?

1. Go to Discord

2. Go to #get-ichimoku-ebook

3. Select Basic Master book to download

Each chapter has video explanation and quiz. The links are at the end of each chapter or #education in Dicscord. Please take them for your better understanding.

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Videos on each chapter of Ichimoku Basic Master book (Visible to Ichimoku members only)

Chapter 1: History and Basics of 5 Lines

Chapter 2: 5 Lines and Han-ne Lines

Chapter 3: Sanyaku Kouten/Gyakuten

Chapter 4: Mastering Han-ne Lines

Chapter 5: Basics of Tenkan sen

Chapter 6: Basics of Kijun sen

Chapter 7: Cross of Kinko Hyo

Chapter 8: Cross of Kinko Hyo while ranging

Chapter 9: Range with P wave and Y wave

Chapter 10: Senko span B Forecasting

Chapter 11: Senko span A Forecasting

Chapter 12: Essence of Kumo

Chapter 13: Essence of Kumo Twist

Chapter 14: Essence of Chiko span

Chapter 15: Forecasting by Chiko span

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Please join members only livestream for your continous education. 

It happens on Thursdays and Saturdays at 3:00pm UTC every week.

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Extra Educational Videos for a new member

Below are additional videos to supplement your understanding of Ichimoku basics in deeper level. Please watch them after completing Ichimoku Basic Master book.

Ichimoku Basic Diagram

Chiko span breakout strategy

Chiko span break, mirror, overlap

Sanyaku Kouten/Gyakuten with Stop Loss Strategy

Q&A for IBM Chapter 3 Sanyaku Kouten/Gyakuten

Deeper explanation of Han-ne Line 

Strategies of Tenkan sen

Market Analysis by Kijun sen only

How to capture reversal market by Kijun sen

Ichimku Trend Analysis by Kinko Hyo

[Live Trade] Kijun sen range trade strategy

[Live Trade] Real Trading by Ichimoku Strategies

[Live Trade] Gold over 300 pips by Ichimoku Strategy

How to use Senko span B and Forecast Lines

[Q&A] Fear of Loss, Entry in lower timeframe etc

[Q&A] Ichimoku Original Chart, Candlestick Patterns, Stress and Fear etc

How to capture fake Han-ne lines

How to identify overheated market

More and more videos in Discord

You can find more videos on #education in Discord

Done all the above? Let's carry on to the intermediate level!

After you completed all the book and video educations, you are ready to study Ichimoku Basic Theories book.

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Stay Gold!

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