In May, I will be doing lectures as below schedule.

– Mondays at 6:00am UTC: Weekly KTS Analysis

– Wednesdays at 12:00pm UTC: Strategy related topics

– Fridays at 3:00pm UTC: Money management or psychology related topics

Lecture Schedule

1st (Mon) at 6:00am (UTC): Weekly KTS Analysis

3rd (Wed) at 12:00pm: Lecture on Tokyo Box strategy

5th (Fri) at 3:00pm: Breakeven strategy

8th (Mon) at 6:00am: Weekly KTS Analysis

19st (Fri) at 3:00pm: What to focus on your trading journal

22th (Mon) at 6:00am: Weekly KTS Analysis

24th (Wed) at 12:00pm: Lecture on Bollinger Band squeeze and band walking

26th (Fri) at 3:00pm: How to handle FOMO

29th (Mon) at 6:00am: Weekly KTS Analysis

31st (Wed) at 12:00pm: Counter trendline breakout strategy

*I will share more videos between 8th and 19th.

KTS Academy