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Mental Techniques

Break Even Strategy: Live Traded on EURGBP

This is a live trade on EURGBP on 12/06/2019. I placed two buy positions and ended up with break even (little profit) and soon after closing the position, the price went straight down. Loss cut technique is very important because that’s the way to secure your account. And if you can survive from the market, there’s always a next chance. But if you die, that’s the end of the game. Watch Video EURGBP Daily chart on 12/06/2019 This trading is recorded on the 12th of June, 2019. This chart is the Daily chart of EURGBP I am thinking to trade this currency pair because as you can see, it’s been a…


LIVE trade recorded from entry to make $2,700 on AUD/CAD on 24th of May

This is a recording from last Friday, 24th of May, 2019. I recorded live and explained how I look at a chart from placing an order to making profit on AUD/CAD. In the recording I mainly explain based on 30min time frame chart. But I do look at a chart multi-time frame from Weekly, Daily and 4H charts. It took some time to edit the recording because of some microphone issues… but hopefully you enjoy the video. Watch Video Script In this video, I am explaining from placing an order to making a profit, and showing you how I am thinking and feeling during the trade and hopefully it gives…

Weekly Chart Analysis

US-China trade war and Japanese GDP in relation to consumption tax

US-China trade war has begun Last week, the Trump administration of the United States raised the previous 10% tariff to 25% for $ 200 billion on Chinese products, and also announced to apply the 25% duty to the remaining $ 300 billion as the fourth retaliatory duty, putting pressure on China. In fact, the USTR (US Trade Representative Office) has announced 3800 items are targeted for Chinese products. On the other hand, China announced a countermeasure to put a 5-25% duty on US products $ 60 billion from June 1 and has just shown the appearance of a “trade war.” Because of this, USD/JPY has become more active in buying…