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What should I learn to be able to win? The difference of learning style between winning and losing traders.

Why there are people who win and who lose in forex trading? That’s because “what” and “how” they study is different. Holy grail is in you As compared with any skills, trade is the same as driving and sports. And you can never be successful just understanding with your head. You can move your body in unconscious level when your head and body connects altogether. When you start trading, many people start searching for holy grails. And ironically, those who realized that there is no such thing as the Holy Grail starts to walk along the pathway of a winner. Let go of unnecessary knowledge A variety of information is…

Mental Techniques

Free Excel Spreadsheet : Profit Management – 3 numbers to protect your profit as your life guard

Profit management is just like a shield to fight on the battlefield called “Forex.” It is not courage but foolish to fight without knowing how to protect yourself. The importance of learning to survive A competitive trade is a surviving trade. It is said that 70% of the FX participants will eventually leave, but only those who survive to the end will receive continuous benefits. If you know how to survive without leaving, even if it takes time to learn, you will be able to join the winning traders group. Nothing is more important than NOT GIVING UP. The same can be said for business and study. But in forex,…

Mental Techniques

Things you should NOT do in the morning that lower your potential

Video Things you should NOT do in the morning that lower your potential There is a certain habit in the morning that makes you foolish. In other words, if you do a certain thing in a morning, you become foolish and dumb the whole day. And people waste their time because of this. It’s not about waking up early or late in the morning, but what I mean is if you do a certain thing in the morning, it decreases your productivity in a day all day and because of that, your cognitive function will be declined that you make small mistakes, or worries something that you don’t have to,…