Things you should NOT do in the morning that lower your potential

There is a certain habit in the morning that makes you foolish. In other words, if you do a certain thing in a morning, you become foolish and dumb the whole day. And people waste their time because of this.

It’s not about waking up early or late in the morning, but what I mean is if you do a certain thing in the morning, it decreases your productivity in a day all day and because of that, your cognitive function will be declined that you make small mistakes, or worries something that you don’t have to, or you cannot reveal your 100% potential, and so on.

Sometimes you might feel tired, dull, or feel like not doing anything, but science has revealed the mechanism of why it all happens. And I will talk about it today.

What causes brain function to be declined?

The research is done by Pennsylvania State University but I will tell you the answer first. They found brain function will be declined by stress and it causes slow decision making. Also, because of the stress, one cannot decide soon enough, and tend to delay things, and his motivation drops down, and loses ability to remember things and cannot remember things that should be remembered that also possibly causes decline in academic performance, and so on.

Also, stress causes someone to yield to the first temptation, like cunning fellow or causes something that he usually doesn’t do. Well, if you hear the stories like this about stress, you might think “oh, I know that. I know how stress is bad” because everyone knows stress could lower your performance. But Pennsylvania State University found that when you predict a stress or stressful events, even if you just predicted it, it still causes the same kind of performance decline.

Even predicting stressful events makes your potential drop down

For example, if you feel “Oh today is going to be such a stressful day.” or “Today is going to be a tough day” and so on, if you only predict like that in the morning, your cognitive function will be declined and it causes things like I talked about earlier, like causes slow decision making or cannot focus on things that should be focused, and so on. Therefore, things that you should not do in the morning is to imagine “today is going to be tiring, today is going to be full of stress” and so on. These are the feelings that you really don’t want to have in the morning.

The research at Pennsylvania State University proves it

In fact, at Pennsylvania State University, they do something interesting, but basically, human is a creature that lives based on prediction. And we always maintain our mental state by predicting something. You know, when you travel, when you see your girlfriend, or when you have a nice dinner tonight, if you imagine like that, you can be positive because you feel good about your prediction. So although the events like eating a nice dinner or dating someone you love is happening sometime near future like tonight or tomorrow or next week, your current feeling is affected by the prediction.

The university have researched on this and they actually found some correlation between prediction and mood. Therefore, not only by facing stress or some stressful events, even if you predict it in the future, they found our brain function will be dropped for a while because of that.

Here is how the university tested

In the experiment at the university, they picked 240 male and female and they gave an software application to the subjects to test their memory. And during a day, those subjects receive a notice on their mobile phone to take a small quiz. it happens like 5 times a day randomly, and the questions are like “what you are doing now” “how do you feel now” and so on.

Then the participants are asked take a test to investigate their working memory. Working memory is like short term memory. But not only the short term memory, it’s also related to your mental health, like depression or feeling down. Researchers found that it actually prevents from those depressed feeling. So the working memory is basically in charge of self-control. In other words, it is said that if you train your working memory, you would have good results in many ways.

Anyways, the Pennsylvania State University checked 240 subject’s working memory for like two weeks.

And here is what they found out. For those who predicts in the morning that it’s going to be a stressful day in that day, whether if it was a stressful day, or whether if it wasn’t a stressful day, their working memory has dropped down. Then it resulted attention deficit or caused slow decision making processes. Or they tend to yield to some temptation and spend a whole day without any productivity.

Therefore, the important thing for you is, when you wake up in the morning and think what’s gonna happen in a day, it’s better for you to predict or imagine in good or positive way to keep your performance going that day.

So, what do you actually need to do in the morning?

If I put it in more practical way, even when you think it’s going to be a stressful day, try to think what will happen if you overcome it, like your mental will get stronger, or it can grow yourself, and so on.

Or what I usually do is, for example, when I have a business trip and think it’s tiring, or when I have to do a presentation in front of hundreds of people, I often imagine if I finish this job and come back to home, I will have a delicious tender steak that I bought at a special shop, or I open and drink a nice and new bottle of red wine, or I go to Amazon and buy some game or a smart phone that I wanted to get so bad, and like this, it’s important to imagine something positive and fun, something that you can reward yourself after the event.

So either you predict and imagine that you can grow your ability after overcoming the stressful and challenging event, or you can think and imagine to have some reward after the event to yourself.

That way you can start off your day with nice and beautiful morning, and maximize your potential in a day, so I highly recommend you to try it from tomorrow!