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How to read moving average signals to make profit in forex trading

Hello, Konnichiwa! In forex trading or stock trading, moving average is one of the major tools that every trader would know. It’s a very famous indicator. However, do you know what it really tells you? You know when it gold cross, it’s buy or when it dead cross, it’s sell, right? I guess that’s the first thing you will be taught for moving average strategy. But do you know why it works like that? Have you ever thought about it? Let me explain what it really tells you so that you know the true meaning and what message the moving average actually tells you, and you will be able to…


LIVE trading between 29th and 30th of May, 2019 on USD/JPY ($6,400 Profit)

This was recorded live on 29th of May on last Wednesday, 2019. I am about to trade this USD/JPY and just looking at the chart and start analyzing the current market situation. Alright, let’s get started. Watch Video Script May 29 Daily Chart This is a Daily chart of USD/JPY. Now, if you draw lines like this, you can see that it’s a wide range and the current price is somewhere lower part of that range. And if you focus on the range, the price went up with 8 positive bullish waves, then the price could not go above the previous highest, then it went down with just 1 negative…