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Mental Techniques

How to position trades without buy and sell bias (Live Traded)

This is my analysis on EURGBP because first of all, I see it’s a good chance to buy and I will tell you the reason from my own analysis, but today, I wanted to talk about how to see a chart without any bias so that you can always be flexible whether the price goes up or down, because no one can predict the movement in the future. But good traders always make profit over time because they have plans, and those plans are based on “if” questions, like “if the price goes up, then I will do this” or “If the price goes down, I will do that.” things…

Mental Techniques

Break Even Strategy: Live Traded on EURGBP

This is a live trade on EURGBP on 12/06/2019. I placed two buy positions and ended up with break even (little profit) and soon after closing the position, the price went straight down. Loss cut technique is very important because that’s the way to secure your account. And if you can survive from the market, there’s always a next chance. But if you die, that’s the end of the game. Watch Video EURGBP Daily chart on 12/06/2019 This trading is recorded on the 12th of June, 2019. This chart is the Daily chart of EURGBP I am thinking to trade this currency pair because as you can see, it’s been a…