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Weekly Chart Analysis

Weekly Forex Analysis 22/04 – 28/04/2019

Long holiday is awaiting in Japan USD/JPY continues to be in range at a rate of 112 yen, but there is no noticeable movement, and hard to participate. Meanwhile, the “very large holiday” which has never been seen before in Japan, which is 10 consecutive holidays, will begin this weekend. Now let me show you how investors in Japan see the situation. Some marketers stated “USD/JPY is subject to speculation and may fluctuate significantly,” and others say “it does not move much” and looks like it’s already entered its preliminary stages. In fact, I started to get some inquiries from investors today. I think that the dollar plunging of January 3rd this…

Mental Techniques

How can just $1 investment makes you happier than winning a lottery?

Watch the video What is “Investment” to you? When you think of an investment, you may think to invest on something to get something in return and become rich, right? You know, to earn more money in return of what you invest on. But why you think of wanting to have more money? That could be because you want to be happy, like to be able to do what you want to do, or you want to live with joy, or you want to live without any anxiety, and so on. But anyhow, if you are happy and always become happy, that’s your goal, isn’t it? There are some people…


3 traits that top 2.5% of rich people in a world have

Watch a video 3 traits that top 2.5% of rich people in the world have There is a research of what kind of people tend to become rich, like what kind of characteristic or personality do rich people tend to have. There was a research done by one of the most famous professors known for researching rich people, but he found there are some common traits among rich people and I will introduce some traits that we can possibly imitate and get new perspective so that you can make more money. Rich People’s Trait #1: A definition of money Basically there are 3 traits. First one is a definition of…

Forex Mental Systems – Risk Management

Forex Mental Systems – Risk Management Risk Management is one of the most crucial elements for traders and yet, the way to manage risk depends on their amount of balance, their goal, and their personality. Knowing your personality on risk management can help you not only know how you tend to think and act at a time of crisis, but to realize your strength and weakness. How daring are you? How much can you be daring? This is similar to the test used at King’s College London.  How aggressive are you? The test is based on a research by Dr. Richard Parlor who have written about aggression. Check your…

Forex Mental Systems – Motivation

Motivation Keeping the motivation is crucial for traders because as you know, there are good times and bad times. Therefore, how you achieve your goal as a trader depends on how you can keep your motivation, and the root is different among everyone. Know how you can motivate yourself and become a constant winning trader. What is your level of perseverance? Do you continue until you achieve your purpose, or do you give up half way? This test is to find out your level of perseverance.

Forex Mental Systems – Decision Making

Forex Mental Systems: Decision Making In this section you can take various personality tests for your decision making process when trading. When to buy, when to sell, when to take profit, or when to cut loss… there are many decisions that you will constantly face during the trade. But how do you actually make decisions? The tests are all free! Let’s take them and find out what kind of a decision maker you truly are. How far can I extend my imagination? This test is created with reference to some imaginative researches including those developed at Yale University.  How is your problem solving skills? Many of us worry about…

Forex Mental Systems – Character Type

Forex Mental Systems – Character Type Aggressiveness, curiosity, and thinking patterns.. there are a variety of character types but which one are you? Knowing your character type helps you know what you will become in a certain situation compared to others as a trader. Some traders are likely to have strong heart, some have less confident to avoid a loss. Depending on what character type you are, your strategy for trading changes, and it’s different among everyone. What is your level of ambition? How aggressive are you?

Mental Techniques

Things you should NOT do in the morning that lower your potential

Video Things you should NOT do in the morning that lower your potential There is a certain habit in the morning that makes you foolish. In other words, if you do a certain thing in a morning, you become foolish and dumb the whole day. And people waste their time because of this. It’s not about waking up early or late in the morning, but what I mean is if you do a certain thing in the morning, it decreases your productivity in a day all day and because of that, your cognitive function will be declined that you make small mistakes, or worries something that you don’t have to,…

Mental Techniques

Psychology of Wasting Money

Video Psychology of Wasting Money What is going on when someone spends all his money? What kind of characteristics does someone have when he wastes money? These are the topics I will be writing about in this article. Which one is faster to spend all? $1,000 in your pocket? or $1,000 debt? There’s a personality testing called “big 5” and this test is considered to be one of the most reliable tests for investigating personality. By taking this test, you know how much you tend to waste money, your wasting habit, and when it happens. Wasting money or wasting something is very dangerous because it exaggerates more wasting and eventually …