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How to keep your trade rules based on psychology

Keeping your own trade rule is one of the endless challenges for all traders. And this video is for those who tend to break his own rule and get loss over time. Like the other day, when the market spikes up and down, like the Gold or USDJPY on 13th of August, you know, they spiked more than 100 pips. and I was watching Facebook and twitter afterwards, and I saw one of the traders lost like 10 million dollars by that, but if you set your own rule and keep the rule, then the loss should’ve been kept minimum in such a volatile situation. So how can you keep…

Forex Mental Systems – Risk Management

Forex Mental Systems – Risk Management Risk Management is one of the most crucial elements for traders and yet, the way to manage risk depends on their amount of balance, their goal, and their personality. Knowing your personality on risk management can help you not only know how you tend to think and act at a time of crisis, but to realize your strength and weakness. How daring are you? How much can you be daring? This is similar to the test used at King’s College London.  How aggressive are you? The test is based on a research by Dr. Richard Parlor who have written about aggression. Check your…

Forex Mental Systems – Motivation

Motivation Keeping the motivation is crucial for traders because as you know, there are good times and bad times. Therefore, how you achieve your goal as a trader depends on how you can keep your motivation, and the root is different among everyone. Know how you can motivate yourself and become a constant winning trader. What is your level of perseverance? Do you continue until you achieve your purpose, or do you give up half way? This test is to find out your level of perseverance.

Forex Mental Systems – Decision Making

Forex Mental Systems: Decision Making In this section you can take various personality tests for your decision making process when trading. When to buy, when to sell, when to take profit, or when to cut loss… there are many decisions that you will constantly face during the trade. But how do you actually make decisions? The tests are all free! Let’s take them and find out what kind of a decision maker you truly are. How far can I extend my imagination? This test is created with reference to some imaginative researches including those developed at Yale University.  How is your problem solving skills? Many of us worry about…

Forex Mental Systems – Character Type

Forex Mental Systems – Character Type Aggressiveness, curiosity, and thinking patterns.. there are a variety of character types but which one are you? Knowing your character type helps you know what you will become in a certain situation compared to others as a trader. Some traders are likely to have strong heart, some have less confident to avoid a loss. Depending on what character type you are, your strategy for trading changes, and it’s different among everyone. What is your level of ambition? How aggressive are you?