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Weekly Chart Analysis

Continuous Interest Rate Decrease leads weak USD

USDJPY Realtime Chart USDJPY Chart by TradingView Technical Analysis for USDJPY by TradingView USD on 108 Rate In the last half of last week, USDJPY, which had previously been held at 108 yen, dropped down to 107 level due to ”dovish talk” of FOMC members like Williams in NY Fed and also due to JPY being bought as a result of US Navy defeating Iranian drone at the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East. However, on the weekend, USD was bought back as the Nikkei stock filled the decline on the previous day, and also due to interest rate cut seemed to be postponed and as a result, USDJPY has…

Weekly Chart Analysis

Weekly Forex Analysis 08/04 – 14/04/2019

Positive Employment Stats between January and March Employment statistics in March showed that the unemployment rate was at 3.8% which had been the same as in the previous month, and the number of non-agricultural sector employees was 19,600, which was far exceeding the forecast. Furthermore, February and January has been revised upwards and it is over 180,000 people in the average between January and March, which was quite a reasonable result. At least, the labor market has not slowed down at this point, and a strong labor market is expected to be maintained.  At the same time, we can see that the pessimism about the US economy has retreated for…

Weekly Chart Analysis

Forecast on 04/02/2019 – Bullish USD by positive employee stats

NY Market USD/JPY has become bullish based on a positive result of US economic news, such as employee stats and ISM Manufacturing Report. The growing long-term interest rate also pushed USD/JPY to 109.58 and closed at the range last week. EUR/USD showed small pull back and it fell down to 1.1448, struggled to be bullish as a result of the positive US economic news. Stock market is various. Dow grew 64 US dollars for oil share’s healthy profit, however, NASDAQ has fallen down 17 points. Bond market also fell. Long Term interest rate raised up at a rate of 2.68%. Gold started to be bearish for the first time in…