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Weekly Chart Analysis

Forecast on 1/04/2019 – USDJPY bulled up to a rate 111.00 as a result of positive China PMI

NY Market USD/JPY has been bullish up to 110.95 due to positive U.S economic news as well as positive stock and long term interest and marked the highest rate for the last week. EUR/USD has been negative down to 1.1212 but kept its rate at 1.12. Stock market raised positively. Due to positive US-China summit outlook and consumer’s mind, DOW closed the market at +$211. Credit is on negative. Long-term interest was positive but with small volatility and closed at a rate of 2.40%. Gold has been bullish, and Crude has recovered to a rate of $60 which was marked 4 months ago. Rates USD/JPY: 110.64 – 110.95 EUR/USD: 1.1212…