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Continuous US-China summit and US long term interest rate outlook

Continuous US-China summit and USDJPY Last week, following the results of the US-China summit on trade issues, market opened up with a gap upwards, but in the second half of last week the price dropped to 108 range and further dropped before the summit. The price eventually dropped to the level where it filled the gap. In June’s employment statistics, which attracted attention, the number of non-farm payroll employees was “224,000,” which exceeded the market forecast significantly, and the excessive rate cut for the US economy fell back. As a result, USDJPY went up to 108.64 and went to the middle of the 108 range towards last weekend. US long…

Weekly Chart Analysis

Weekly Forex Analysis 24/06 – 30/06/2019

A week of G20 The material of this week is the “G20” starting on the 28th, and it is not the “G20” itself, but the diplomacy between the leaders held there, that is, the “top talks.” G20 itself has already been a mere formality and there seems to be little influence. The main topic would be how Japan’s chairman country warns against the rise of “protectionism” and prevents its progress, and whether it can be reflected on the joint statement, but it is nothing more than that. Global economic impact of US-China summit Many market players are paying the most attention to the outcome of the “US-China Summit” that will…

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Weekly Forex Analysis 08/04 – 14/04/2019

Positive Employment Stats between January and March Employment statistics in March showed that the unemployment rate was at 3.8% which had been the same as in the previous month, and the number of non-agricultural sector employees was 19,600, which was far exceeding the forecast. Furthermore, February and January has been revised upwards and it is over 180,000 people in the average between January and March, which was quite a reasonable result. At least, the labor market has not slowed down at this point, and a strong labor market is expected to be maintained.  At the same time, we can see that the pessimism about the US economy has retreated for…