About Ichimoku Basic Master Book

Download IBM Version 4 from the link below!

Ichimoku Basic Master book is written in respect of the author, Goichi Hosoda, and his original books with recent chart examples. Please read the book over time, obtain correct understanding, and be able to “forecast” the upcoming market logically, objectively, and rationally. You can also join my Ichimoku members-only livestreams on YouTube to gain further knowledge.

I’m honored as a Japanese trader to have this opportunity and wish your great success along your Ichimoku trading journey.

Stay Gold!


Click here to Download the IBM ver 4

(The password to open the book is on Discord)

Revision on version 3

  • Revised typos and errors on each chapter
  • Highlighted important points in red on each chapter
  • Added Quiz at the end of each chapter 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Added 16.3 Kijun sen range strategy and 16.4 Ichimoku with other indicators
  • Added a link to Ichimoku Discord

Revision on version 4

  • Revised typos and errors on each chapter
  • New chart examples in Chapter 15 (15.5)
  • Deleted Chapter 16 (The video links are in Discord)
  • Added quizzes at the end of the rest of each chapter