“Forex taught me everything that is important in my life”


Hi, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Kei and I am an individual Japanese forex trader.

In my website, I am posting about trading techniques as well as mental techniques in order for the visitors to achieve their success.

I wish all the best to everyone who visits my webpage.

About Forex Kei

Let me introduce some of the articles interviewed by my trading supporter.

Why did you become a forex trader?

I am a type of person who loves to investigate on things thoroughly, like a researcher. When I first saw the forex chart in 2013, it literally arouse my sense of intellectual curiosity more than anything that I have been engaged for my entire business experience. And it stays the same ever since then.

What is “trading” to you?

For me, forex trading is something that is excitingly enjoyable and that I learn a lot from it every single day at the same time. I truly realize that life is all about learning. By focusing constantly on the events happening around the world, and by analyzing the depth of people’s reaction and sentiment, this profession keeps intriguing my curiosity and truly admire that this is my vocation.

Timeline and highlight of my life

In Japan

1982: I was born in Osaka, Japan.

1985: I started to play the violin.

1992: My family moved from Osaka to Tokyo for my father’s MA education.

1996: I studied abroad in Toronto, Canada when I was sophomore in high school.

In the U.S.

2000: I entered into Irvine Valley Collage in Los Angeles, California.

2002: I went back to Japan and worked at IT company to financially prepare for my University.

2003: I entered into Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, California. While I was a student, I worked exclusively for the college as a counselor. Also, I was teaching Japanese at a local Japanese school and was in charge of a group of 20+ students.

2006: I obtained BA in Psychology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduation, I joined a financial company that manages mortgage, life insurance and real estate. I was a manager a group of 6 members as a financial chief advisor and managed individual portfolios.

In Japan

2010: I came back to Japan and joined one of the biggest IT companies in Japan as a talent management and human development manager.

2013: I first encountered forex and its chart. I started trading with $10,000 amount.

2015: I stated to teach trading techniques and mental techniques to beginners and active traders.

2018: I became self-employed as an individual trader.