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How to position trades without buy and sell bias (Live Traded)

This is my analysis on EURGBP because first of all, I see it’s a good chance to buy and I will tell you the reason from my own analysis, but today, I wanted to talk about how to see a chart without any bias so that you can always be flexible whether the price goes up or down, because no one can predict the movement in the future. But good traders always make profit over time because they have plans, and those plans are based on “if” questions, like “if the price goes up, then I will do this” or “If the price goes down, I will do that.” things…

Trade Review

Trade AGAINST the Cognitive Bias in Forex Trading: EURUSD Trade Review #1

This is the review of a trade I got from one of my followers in terms of both technical and mental awareness in forex trading. Watch Video Mail from Patrick in Canada Hello Kei san. Thank you for the great videos. I learn a lot and wish I could trade like you someday. I started trading like half a year ago but still struggling. I tend to see and trade by small timeframe charts so that I get the most profit possible from very top to bottom or vise versa. But as you told in a video, I think I should look at a bigger timeframe first to see a…