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Step by step guide to Multiple Timeframe Analysis with running over $20,000 profit!

This is the forex analysis I do on every currency pair I trade, and this is exactly how I make profit each time. If you have ever been fooled by a sudden movement of the price action, this is the video for you. During the recording, there was a spike, but due to multiple timeframe analysis, I was able to deal with it accordingly. Video Request Form Watch the Video Gold Monthly Chart Analysis This is the Gold chart on the 5th of August, 2019 and let’s start from Monthly chart. One thing you need to remember is whenever you try to analyze the chart, always, you know, always start…


GBPJPY continuous bearish trend, SELL

Daily Chart bearish Daily chart shows continuous down trend as follows, Ichimoku Cloud Price is below cloud. Chikou span is below candles. Bollinger bands Price is walking along StdDiv -2 downwards MA20 MA is going downwards and price is below 20SMA. H1 Chart range Ichimoku Cloud Price is below cloud, however, Chikou span is about to interact with candles. Bollinger Bands Current price is right in the middle of StdDivs, so it could go either direction. The bands are contracting, showing the price is charging energy for the next move. MA20 The price could be resisted by the SMA20 and go down. Also, I can see that there’s a resistance…