Send Your Lost Trades!

Send me your win and lose trades now!

“One of the best ways to learn trading is by looking back your lost trades.”

After you’ve learned some trading theories and techniques, now it’s time to learn from your trades, especially from your lost trades.

Whether it’s from a demo chart or a testing chart, it’s essential to analyze your losing patterns, especially for beginners because you will get to learn a lot from it. And by overcoming each losing trades, the chance of winning will increase.

You will never grow just by looking at a chart every day. To learn intentionally from your lost patterns actually leads to create your own winning patterns.

Lost trades are just like your own treasure box. So why not opening it to receive gifts out of it!

Please follow the instructions as below

1. I cannot answer to vague questions.

Please be specific on what you are asking.

2. Write the cause of the lost trades along with the evidence and your thoughts.

Please make sure write down the reason why you made the entry, cut loss, and lost trading. Don’t write it emotionally.

3. Put some comments within the capture.

Words cannot explain fully by itself. Please send me the capture of the chart and put some numbers or marks to make it understandable. Please also write how you thought about the environment along with different time frames of the currency.

How to capture the chart on your screen

For Windows users

Press Prtsc (PrintScreen) button to capture whole screen. Then Windows Accessories > Paint > Paste > Write Comments > save with jpeg

For Windows and Mac users

Install a software like Jing to capture and put comments easier.


  • File formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF
  • Max file size: 1M (when the file is too big, use to compress the file)
  • The submitted file will not be sent back


  • The capture might be shared on my vlog
  • Your handle name will also be shared (Please write your handle name if you are not willing to expose your real name)

Please write the details on below form.

    Please attach your captured chart(s) below.


    1. Your messages may be answered or shared on my videos. Your personal information (name and email address) are not going to be disclosed, but if you are not comfortable, then put that on the message.
    2. It may take few days to reply. If there is no response even after one week, there is a possibility that the message is missing, so please resend it.