What is Forex Mentoring Systems?

Forex Mental Systems supports forex traders to achieve their goal.

By taking a series of personal tests, you are able to identify your traits and personality as a trader, such as value of money, level of ambition, and so on.

All tests are completely free to take, and they are based on academic researches at institutes and universities that they are reliable and worthy as compared to some other personality tests that are created just for fun.

FMS helps you in 4 criteria

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  1. Stabilize trade profit
  2. Eliminate trader’s anxiety
  3. Create solid psychological foundation
  4. Analyze your own trade style and give suggestions

Simply put, FMS can help you above 4 ways.

Below is the further details.

Why most of the trades cannot run profit over time and get retired?

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Lots of people jump into the forex because you don’t need any degrees, certifications or experience in the past to start trading. At the same time, lots of people get out of the job without being able to make profit from the market.

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Most of the people quit trading for reasons as below,

  • Making profit overtime was much more difficult than I thought.
  • No matter how much I study, (feel like) my trade does not get improved.
  • Blow up the profit I’ve been accumulating by transient emotion.
  • Cannot keep my motivation and cannot have trust in myself.
  • Cannot keep trading due to lack of confidence

No matter how many times you try with superficial methods or techniques, it’s difficult to resolve above issues.

I have been a counselor since I was in a college and have been shared varieties of issues, but I found it’s been difficult to resolve issues like this.

Forex trading is the job with bias and difficult to get results over time

It was not the Strategy? The reason for loss and principle of forex trading

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In order to build up a profit in forex trading, you need to understand the following.

  • Enormous amount of time and consistent trade educational program is necessary to build up a profit
  • A long term strong will and confident of “I will build up a profit.”
  • A reliable mentor who is currently a forex trader with solid teaching techniques is required.
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Most of the non-profitable traders are trading without realizing this truth!

FMS is a psychological method for traders

FMS is a method created by a Japanese trader with psychological background, spending 4 years to put it together. It’s effective to apply it to a mentoring.

FMS is the psychological base of a trader

I myself had a long journey to obtain a concrete result as a “pro trader.” Previously, I have been failing and losing money for days.

But I realized my psychological knowledge and R-PDCA are essential to keep increasing a profit.

There is a basic tendency in human’s psychology

Try to make money without trying hard

Basically, we want to avoid trying hard, and want to be relaxed. We tend to act temporarily and emotionally by dreaming of “I want to make money easily as much as possible and get freedom that way” without understanding the essence of forex.

And the immature tradings will bring irreparable amount of loss, and end up with being kicked out from the market. There are traders like that while you are reading this article right now.

I have something that I want to tell to those who are suffering from such hard conditions.

Forex trading is truly one of the most difficult jobs in the world. I myself went through difficult times when I was in the U.S, but I also strongly felt that this is not an easy job to be succeeded.

You can execute trades by clicking a single button. Due to its “too-simple operation,” not many traders realize the essence.

Because of the simple and easy operations, most of the traders tend to forget how difficult this job actually is.

“Finding a mentor” is the key to success

In order to improve skills, learning from the actual expert in that field is effective. Trading skills are not something that you can obtain in 1 or 2 days.

To improve your trade skills, you need to find a mentor who is an active trader and also has expertise on mentoring.

Rarity of FMS

Ever since I started to be able to live by a pro trader, I created a psychological method by combining my own psychological knowledge and experience.

It’s rare to find a trader who has psychological knowledge. I myself had gone through hardship to create a base of the FMS.

Mentoring a forex trader is not an easy profession. It requires an expertness and know-how on both trading and mentoring, which is rare to find.

FMS enables losing traders to guide to a right direction as below

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  • Right way of studying and the guidance is required to a trader. Obstacles to prevent you from your growth will be eliminated as much as possible, and will guide you to be a successful trader.
  • Trading is a job to “plan thoroughly, execute accurately, study the problems, and make profit.” This entire process will become possible by FMS.
  • Traders are lonely. “Mental Control” becomes very important to bring you up to be a successful trader by managing your own failures.
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R-PDCA is crucial to grow as a trader

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Basic PDCA cycle

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Like mentioned earlier, trading is a job to “plan thoroughly, execute accurately, study the problems, and make profit.”

Trading can be misunderstood to only enter and exit in a second and make profit. However, building up a profit over time becomes impossible if you trade blindly.

So you need to apply PDCA cycle but it cannot be simply applied from right to left, it has to be customized to forex trading. Therefore, I created a new “R-PDCA” cycle for traders to be able to apply and use it in their day to day tradings.

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First, the process starts from analyzing and recognizing your own current situation. Money management.

The following points will be asked first (Questions for FGM will be different)

  1. Your current income and expenses
  2. Current amount of capital
  3. Your current lifestyle and current job
  4. Target income from Forex Trading
  5. Your plan of life (e.g. future tuition of your child, buying a car or house, etc)

Next, create a plan based on the above information.


Plan your specific goal based on 5W2H along with concrete numbers.

  • Who
  • When
  • Where
  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • How much


Act daily as planned. Identify what can be done to achieve the plans and goals, and break them down into To Do list, and execute them one by one.


Evaluate whether the actions were done as planned, and goals were achieved.

Also, by looking back the results, analyze both good and bad points, and ask yourself reasons why the results came out.


Based on the evaluation, continue the good points, and think of how to improve the bad points.

And lead to the next step, considering whether the plan should be continued, improved, or stopped.

You don’t need to worry about anything. You will be answering to each questions, and your own portfolio will be created.

And based on the outcome, you will run the R-PDCA cycle.

Examples before and after taking FMS

Like I mentioned earlier, most of the people quit trading as below reasons,

  • No matter how much I study, (feel like) my trade does not get improved.
  • Blow up a profit I’ve been accumulating by transient emotion.
  • I cannot keep my motivation and cannot have trust in myself.

Below is some examples by using FMS mentoring based on above concerns.

Before Mentoring

you feel…

After Mentoring

you feel…

Focus on What to Study No matter how much I study, my trades are not improved.

  1. I don’t know what to study first
  2. I think little study can bring a result
  3. I don’t know how much of studying can give me peace, and feel worried
I know what to study and what to focus first, so studying itself becomes fun

  1. I can gain and obtain forex knowledge without any concern
  2. The purpose becomes not only making profit from the market, but trading itself becomes enjoyable
  3. By avoiding the same mistakes over time, the efficiency to growth to be a successful trader gets improved
Obtain Skills to Plan Ahead Blow up a profit I’ve been accumulating

  1. I cannot build up a profit by trading emotionally
  2. I take trades to win back the loss
  3. I don’t analyze my trade results in numbers
Reduce the number of emotional trades by R-PDCA system and be psychologically safe to build a path to grow profit.

  1. I surely grow the profit so checking numbers becomes fun.
  2. I know how to refine my own strategy by running R-PDCA.
  3. I clearly know why I have not been able to achieve a goal now.
Obtain Skills to Mental Control I cannot keep my motivation and cannot have trust in myself.

  1. I become doubtful on my strategy while trading
  2. When I’m losing, I don’t know what to do next
  3. Sometimes I feel like quit trading
 FMS will guide you how to control your own mentality.

  1. I have less doubt on my trades and don’t have mixed feelings
  2. I have high self-confidence
  3. I know when my emotion tend to get shaky and know how to control it.


Services based on FMS


  • KIC: Kei’s Ichimoku Community

  • 【GTS】Global Trading School

Check the top page for the latest service information.

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Who is a Trader Kei who created FMS

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Kei at house

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Let me show you my background so you know FMS is based on my own knowledge and experience.

  • Based on 7 years of my own trade experience
  • An psychology expert who graduated from UCLA by psychology major with solid counseling and coaching background
  • A former financial planner in CA, U.S
  • Hands-on counseling experience with NLP certifications
  • Human resource at the largest IT company in Japan, in charge of human development and internal training
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    Why is it important for a forex trader to take personality tests?

    Whether it’s a part time or a full time job, most of the carriers have manuals or tradition and employees usually follow the rulebook so that they do not make any mistakes during their job.

    On the other hand, trading requires your own idea, courage, and certainty rather than a simple rulebook to memorize, traders particularly need to know themselves.

    In a world of the zero-sum game, you cannot always win, you may lose money sometimes in reality.

    Your emotion is at the mercy of expectation, hope, anxiety, regret, anger, and it becomes pain.

    Therefore, you need to know your self in order to recognize your emotional wave. Your rival is not someone who earns more than you, but yourself.

    Who should take the tests?

    I recommend all the forex traders to take the tests, especially those who are ambitious but not being able to make profits because it identifies who you are, your mindset, your level of motivation, and your thinking patterns, and so on.

    Also, for those who are in forex market for a long time, making money for living, I recommend them to stop by and take the tests so that they know how their traits are in order for them to keep growing stably.

    Trial Test

    Decision Making

    How do you make decisions during trading? If you haven’t thought about it, take tests to know your tendency of decision making processes.

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    Character Type

    There are several character types among traders because we have different personality.

    But the important thing is that you cannot be someone else, especially a style or a method of trading, and it depends on your character type.

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    Risk Management

    Risk Management is one of the most crucial elements for traders and yet, the way to manage risk depends on their amount of balance, their goal, and their personality.

    Knowing your personality on risk management can help you not only know how you tend to think and act at a time of crisis, but to realize your strength and weakness.

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    Keeping the motivation is crucial for traders because as you know, there are good times and bad times.

    Therefore, how you achieve your goal as a trader depends on how you can keep your motivation, and the root is different among everyone.

    Know how you can motivate yourself and become a constant winning trader.

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