【FMS】Forex Mentoring Systems

What is Forex Mentoring Systems?

Forex Mental Systems supports forex traders to achieve their goal. By taking a series of personal tests, you are able to identify your traits and personality as a trader, such as value of money, level of ambition, and so on.

All tests are completely free to take, and they are based on academic researches at institutes and universities that they are reliable and worthy as compared to some other personality tests that are created just for fun.

Why is it important for a forex trader to take personality tests?

Whether it’s a part time or a full time job, most of the carriers have manuals or tradition and employees usually follow the rulebook so that they do not make any mistakes during their job.

On the other hand, trading requires your own idea, courage, and certainty rather than a simple rulebook to memorize, traders particularly need to know themselves.

In a world of the zero-sum game, you cannot always win, you may lose money sometimes in reality.

Your emotion is at the mercy of expectation, hope, anxiety, regret, anger, and it becomes pain.

Therefore, you need to know your self in order to recognize your emotional wave. Your rival is not someone who earns more than you, but yourself.

Who should take the tests?

I recommend all the forex traders to take the tests, especially those who are ambitious but not being able to make profits because it identifies who you are, your mindset, your level of motivation, and your thinking patterns, and so on.

Also, for those who are in forex market for a long time, making money for living, I recommend them to stop by and take the tests so that they know how their traits are in order for them to keep growing stably.

Trial Test

Decision Making

How do you make decisions during trading? If you haven’t thought about it, take tests to know your tendency of decision making processes.

Character Type

There are several character types among traders because we have different personality.

But the important thing is that you cannot be someone else, especially a style or a method of trading, and it depends on your character type.

Risk Management

Risk Management is one of the most crucial elements for traders and yet, the way to manage risk depends on their amount of balance, their goal, and their personality.

Knowing your personality on risk management can help you not only know how you tend to think and act at a time of crisis, but to realize your strength and weakness.


Keeping the motivation is crucial for traders because as you know, there are good times and bad times.

Therefore, how you achieve your goal as a trader depends on how you can keep your motivation, and the root is different among everyone.

Know how you can motivate yourself and become a constant winning trader.