Basic Installation and Preparation for Skype Communication

Skype is required to take my services. Read through the contents below and prepare for our smooth communication.

Table of Contents

  1. How to check the sound
  2. About group chat
  3. If you haven’t installed yet

How to check the sound – 3 Steps

Before the service start, make sure to do the sound check.

STEP 1: Sound check on Skype

If you are new to Skype, make sure to do the sound check.

Chick “Echo/Sound Test Service” on Skype screen

  • Use a headset or ear-phones with microphone if necessary.

STEP 2: Click “call” to test call

Click “call” button to do a test call.

STEP 3: Check if you can hear your own voice

Follow the voice instruction.

If you hear your own voice, then the test is all done.


If the sound is not played

Check below if you cannot hear the sound

  • Is a headset correctly connected to a microphone plug?
  • Check the volume of a microphone and sound. Check if it’s not muted.
  • Check if the setting is enabled from Windows > Control panel > Hardware and sound > Audio device management
  • Check if the sound is correctly set on Skype by clicking Tools > Setting > Audio Setting

If you are still facing trouble, the issue might be on the speaker of headset itself. Check if the headset works on other PCs.

Also, you can check from websites below.

Instruction to download Skype

STEP 1: Go to Skype official website and download the software

Go to Skype official website.

STEP 2: Choose your PC and start downloading

Click the “device select” and choose your PC


STEP 3:Start installing Skype

Follow the instruction and install the software. Wait until it’s completed.

For any further inquiries, please contact with Skype Support Team.