R-PDCA is an original method created by a Japanese Forex Trader Kei

R-PDCA is a method created by me, Kei, and it’s exclusively developed for my client traders to keep their motivation and grow while mentoring.

R-PDCA is used along with FMS (Forex Mentoring Systems) and it’s necessary for developing traders’ growth.

What is PDCA first of all?

“PDCA” is the first 4 letters of

  1. Plan
  2. Do
  3. Check
  4. Action

and it’s usually called PDCA cycle.

It’s the iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of processes.

R-PDCA is the advanced method particularly developed for traders

However, the simple PDCA is not enough for mentoring traders because without knowing their current situation, the improvement and growth cannot be effective.

So I added “Recognition” as a part of the cycle.

R-PDCA: Definition of Each Stage


Everything starts by looking back and recognizing your current status. Money management is one of the most important skills for all traders.


  1. Your current incomes and expenses
  2. Your current asset
  3. Lifestyle and job
  4. Your income goal by forex trading
  5. Your life plan (e.g. school costs for kids, buying a house etc…)

These questions will be asked in 1 on 1 mentoring, not in Forex Group Mentoring.

I will consult your life plan details and move on to the next step.


Create your own plan and goal. The plan should be based on Who, When, Where, What, and Why, also How and How much you will expect per month or per year. You will set the plans and goals and break the down to your trade plans.


Do and execute tradings along with the plan. Break it down to a to-do list of what you can do to achieve the goal in concrete numbers.


Check and evaluate each trade if they were executed as planned, what went well or bad in terms of trade plans, risk to reward, lot sizing, emotional state, trade environment, etc. Look back each and every trade and analyze the cause and effect.


Based on the evaluation, continue to do the actions that went well. And consider what should be improved on the actions that went wrong. Consider whether you will keep doing it, modify it, or cancel the actions. And move on to the next cycle.

Importance of R-PDCA in forex trading

R-PDCA suggests to plan for a goal, execute trades, evaluate the result, and come up with better trade plans to achieve your own goal.

The strong point about R-PDCA is to be conscious yourself on what to repeat, and what NOT to repeat to avoid the same mistakes, so that you keep improving the quality of each trade.

The key is to run the cycle over and over again within a certain time of period. R-PDCA has a basic concept of “spiral improvement,” that even if it doesn’t seem to work at first, the quality of trades will keep improving over time.

By running the R-PDCA, it contributes to your effectiveness and refinement to your own goal by forex trading.

Services with R-PDCA

Below is a list of the services by R-PDCA

【FGM】Forex Group Mentoring

In Forex Group Mentoring, you can experience the effectiveness of R-PDCA for month(s) by using a demo account.

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1 on 1 Spot Mentoring

Based on your own portfolio from hearing sheets, private 1 on 1 Spot Mentoring will give you in depth insights and action plans for your every day trades.

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