【FGM】Forex Group Mentoring in March, 2020

FGM in March 2020 is now open!

Group Mentoring the traders

  1. Every Monday in March at 15:00UTC, the members will get together via Skype after my YouTube live streaming.
  2. You will have assignments to submit every time you join the sessions. Make sure you come to Skype 5 to 10min beforehand.
  3. There will be traders from different places with different backgrounds and you will also have a chance to communicate with them. Please make sure to interact with full respect and honor. If you cannot follow the guideline, you might lose the membership based on my judgement.

What you can expect from Forex Group Mentoring

  1. You will be trading with a demo account during the sessions. I will be mentoring you by look back your results every week based on the R-PDCA method. (What is R-PDCA?)
  2. The mentoring will be taken place in a group of traders so you will have a chance to listen other traders’ opinions, so that you will have an objective perspective.
  3. Original System: You will be learning how to operate R-PDCA and utilize your own trades after graduating from this course.

Run R-PDCA by trading a demo account

  1. The sessions will be taken place on every Monday after my Youtube Live with a group of up to 5 traders
  2. There are assignments before and after the sessions. Please give yourself enough time when participating.
  3. The sessions will be held with a couple of traders. Each one has an opportunity to exchange thoughts with each other so that you can judge your trading style objectively.

R-PDCA will support you to be a pro trader

R-PDCA is necessary for traders to accumulate their profits over time.

You will learn how to operate the method correctly and practically through a whole month under my mentoring.

What is R-PDCA?

The mentoring is targeted to middle to upper level traders

The FGM is targeted to middle to upper level traders. Below are some of the basic requirements.

  1. Have some experience in trading and have basic knowledge on forex terms, analyzing markets, and executing trades.
  2. You will be trading by your own strategies using a demo account. The main focus will be on money management and psychological skills.
  3. FGM will be the most effective when you have basic knowledge as a trader but still struggling for better results.

There are many traders who give up half way through. FGM can be a help if you are a trade who have basic knowledge in trading but still struggling for unstable results.

From join to finish the Forex Group Mentoring

Course Schedule

It will be a total of 13 courses.

Session Date
1st Session 2, Mar, 2020 (Monday)
2nd Session 9 Mar, 2020 (Monday)
3rd Session 16 Mar, 2020 (Monday)
4th Session 23 Mar, 2020 (Monday)
5th Session 30 Mar, 2020 (Monday)
6th Session 6 Apr, 2020 (Monday)
7th Session 13 Apr, 2020 (Monday)
8th Session 20 Apr, 2020 (Monday)
9th Session 27 Apr, 2020 (Monday)
10th Session 4 May, 2020 (Monday)
11th Session 11 May, 2020 (Monday)
12th Session 18 May, 2020 (Monday)
13th Session 25 May, 2020 (Monday)
Time:After my Public Live Stream on Youtube (Each session will start at around 15:00 UTC)

Course Flow

Below is the flow chart overview of the FGM service.(7 Steps)

Step 1

Contact me via Form

Contact with me through a form below and let me know you want to join the FGM between March and May

Step 2

Make a Payment

Once we have 5 participants, I will send you a link to make a payment.
You can pay by Credit Card or Paypal.
Step 3

You will receive an email with assignments.

You will receive an email with instructions and assignments. Make sure to check you inbox, follow the guidance, and submit them before the session starts.

Please make sure to submit the assignments 1 week before the 1st session starts.

Also, make sure to prepare for necessary components.All the assignments are created based on FMS.Check the link below for details.

What is Forex Mentoring Systems?

Step 4

Test call on Skype

Submit the assignments and prepare for Skype account

Once the assignments are submitted, we will have a little chat 1 on 1 for about 15min to make sure everything is clear for the day 1.

You can bring up any questions at that time.

How to use Skype…

If you are new to Skype, check how to do a Skype test call from the link below.

Click Here

Step 5

FGM day 1 starts!

Every week, you will be trading by demo account, write reports, and run R-PDCA cycle.

Step 6

After Follow up 1 on 1 Skype Sessions..

I will set up a follow up 1 on 1 Skype at the end of each month to check your performance.
Step 7

After All The Sessions End

After FGM is completed, I will set up a wrap-up 1 on 1 Skype session on each member to follow up for continuous trade success.

Price and Service Detail

Below is the detail about the Forex Group Mentoring.

Name of Service Forex Group Mentoring between March to May, 2020
Price Special Price: 750 USD

Regular Price: 1200 USD

  • Group mentoring via Skype
  • Mentoring by running R-PDCA
  • Once per week sessions (After Youtube Public Live)
  • 1 on 1 Skype Follow ups
  • Up to 5 traders per group (The seat is limited!)
Schedule Every Monday after public Youtube live stream (3-4 times a month)
Payment Method Credit Card or Paypal
  1. Skype account
  2. PC
  3. Secure Internet
  4. Quiet environment (so that you won’t be  distracting the session)
  5. Dress well (you will be seen by other traders!)
  6. Passion, Motivation, and Respect
  • Each session will be recorded so that you can play them back
  • The price may change at any time
  • Stock and crypto traders are also welcomed
  1. FGM is targeted to middle to upper level traders.
  2. Do not disclose the contents shared on a group as it may contain personal information.
  3. Promoting or selling any of your services or products during the mentoring is strictly prohibited.
Refund Policy Refund will not be provided by clients matters. Sign up on the course upon consideration.

Sign up on Forex Group Mentoring now!

Contact with me to add you on a members list. I will announce you and send you a link to make a payment once we have 5 members.

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    *If you have a file, attach it below.

    How to Make a Payment and Log In to a Member’s page

    This time, after contacting me, I will give you a payment link when you reach capacity.

    I will explain the procedure to pay from that link.

    Step 1 Please make a payment and log in to a member’s page as below.

    When making a payment, you will see below screen.

    The transaction is done by Stripe. Although some of the parts are in Japanese, you can proceed to make a payment.

    • Valid Email Address (You will receive a password in your inbox)
    • Credit Card Number
    • Expiration Date
    • CVC Number

    After putting all the above information, press the green button to make a payment.

    About the check box

    The check box is asking whether you save the credit card information or not. You can still proceed the transaction without checking it. 

    Step 2 After the payment is done, you will be forwarded to a member’s page.

    Please do not close the page.

    This page explains about step by step process to participate the group mentoring.

    Step 3 You will be receiving 2 emails in your inbox. 

    1. A receipt for the purchase.
    2. An auto-reply mail with a password for a member’s page

    1: A receipt for the purchase

    Just for you to keep it.

    2: An auto-reply mail with a password for a member’s page

    Step 4 Click the download link to get a password to log into a member’s page showed on Step 2.

    【Sample of the password】

    If you are not receiving receive the email

    The email might be categorized as a junk mail. Check junk mail inbox, too.

    Step 5 After logging into the member’s page, follow the instruction and get ready for the group mentoring.

    If you have any questions, contact me from the form below or to the email address written on the receipt.


    Q1: Do you provide signals or teach technical advises?

    A: No. FGM is a service to mentor how to apply FMS and R-PDCA practically in your daily trades.

    Q2: I am still a beginner. Can I participate?

    A: If you are still a beginner, I do not recommend you to join the service. FGM is targeted to middle to upper level traders. If you think you still need to learn the basic knowledge, I recommend you to watch my educational videos on YouTube.

    Watch My Official YouTube Channel and learn how to trade

    Q3: What is the volume of the assignments every week?

    A: You will be assigned to do the assignments every time you trade as you look back and analyze, and that’s the important part on this course. 

    e.g. trading hours + reports (30min) / Day

    Also, there are some pre-assignments before participating the day 1. It should be done between 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your writing skills.

    Sign Up for Forex Group Mentoring in March!

    Contact with me to add you on a members list. I will announce you and send you a link to make a payment once we have 5 members.

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      *If you have a file, attach it below.